Tuesday, July 07, 2015


Throughout the whole episode of Jonathan's illness this past week, it bordered between anxiety and praying for wisdom.

Today, we had a good chat with Dr C from Starpal who made a trip down to check on Jonathan.
We talked about how much care is too much care or if not giving much constitute less care. Whether we become worried and send the child to the hospital immediately which may result in the child having more anxiety as he's being poked, checked and xrayed etc and with unfamiliar people around. Or do we analyse the situation before making a sound decision that will benefit the child.

I guess we all want what is best and want to give the best medical care. But going straight to the hospital quickly may not even be the right choice.

I guess as parents of a child with special needs, we sometimes don't know what his discomfort is. There will be such occasions when we are even tempted to quickly make the trip down to the hospital.

But I think for Jonathan, his years of being in and out of hospital since he was a baby, does give him an edge over us. He knows what it's like being poked, xrayed, laying in a big bed that has no security barrier for him and also having to wait...and wait...and wait forever.

That is why just saying the word "hospital" sends him into an angry mood.

Dr shared that even if we make the wrong choice, we have to learn that we have done our best for our child. Do not feel that what we are doing is not enough. We will not know what the future holds but we will always know what will be the best for Jonathan at the back of our hands.

So it was with Jonathan when he was sick this time around. I prayed for wisdom, because we just did't know what to do. But bottom line is, Jonathan trusts us to help him as much as possible.
While the GP has been an excellent help, I can't help but notice something:

GP prescribed one medicine for every symptom visible (there were 6 medicine for Jon). Today, Dr C saw Jonathan, advised to just give one medicine for the phlegm and continue with the ventolin inhaler. That's it (to our surprise) and if he had difficulty fallng asleep at night, just add the promethazine.

This is a new to me. I guess less is more. And without giving Jon the other medicine, I noticed he became more alert and was able to clear his throat better.

For me...lesson learned and a new experience gained.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


It's been a tiring journey for close to a month.

It started with Jonathan feeling unwell.  Then H came down with flu and high fever.  Then followed by me after H recovered. And I think I was hit the hardest. Having been given augmentin for antibiotics, the throat swelling was still persistent and the I had to top up another antibiotic. Thus the diahroea episodes began for me.

During the course of my illness, I wore a mask everyday in the hot weather so to protect Jonathan. Thankfully it did the job.

But as the days passed and I was beginning to feel better with lesser coughing, sometimes I go near Jonathan without wearing a mask.

This morning, he was his cheerful self. But came afternoon, when H carried him, H noticed that Jonathan's body was hot. A check revealed 38 degrees.

I was baffled. But I guess there's an infection somewhere. Have observed he was peeing less today. By afternoon the temperature escalated to 38.5 degrees and high fever medicine was given.  It brought the temerature down by evening and he was feeling better

Now, temperature has risen. Will continue to sponge him. But I think I shall let nature takes its course. If high fever still persists, will call the doctor.

This has never happened for a long time already. Sometimes I'm anxious but at times I'm peaceful that Jonathan will pull through this.  He's always a strong boy.

Thank you Lord for healing Jonathan. Thank you that this virus cycle breaks quickly!

Wishing everybody the best of health.

Saturday, June 06, 2015


Jonathan received his new convaid Cordura on 3rd June. I am super happy!

In January this year, I already prayed about getting a new buggy.  Just that funds were short.

All thanks to the generous help of Star Pals.  We were successful in the application for funding.

Jonathan's old buggy is 14 inch wide.  He's outgrown it in height.  His legs jut out of the seat and sitting too long on the buggy makes him tired.  Although width wise there's still some space left, it has become too short for his long legs.

As I look back, I found out through my journal HERE that we bought the 14" in year 2010.  In between 2010 and 2015, we changed the seat cushion once.  The frame is still good.  Even the staff from DNR Wheels commented that the CT14 is still in very good condition.

This new 16 inch buggy is broader, and when Jonathan sits on it, the seat base supports his legs.  Height wise, seems he suddenly sprung up again and with the 5 inch extension in place, his head has already touched the extended backseat.

Here's what it's like between the old (picture right) and new (left) buggy.

See the difference below....

Anyway, the prince says he doesn't mind sitting on the new buggy and that he preferred to have the headrest.  We haven't brought it out of the house yet.  It s a little lower than the new one.

What I'm so happy is that a table top was included in the order!

Thank you Lord for Star Pals and thank you Lord for your provision!

Friday, May 15, 2015


This morning, I had H deliver shirt orders to a school here in the east.  A few hours into the delivery, my whatsapp starting tinging a few times and deep down I had this gut feeling that something went wrong.

True enough.

Three shirts had errors on them.  Two with names spelt wrongly and one with the number printed upside down.

What did I do?  Can't blame the class.  I followed the first list that had spelling errors and didn't double check on the updated list and took for granted that everything was in order, even though the wrong names were not highlighted.  My fault :(

It didn't help that the kids will be wearing the shirts on Monday for an outdoor activity.  More so today is Thursday and H has just left for town to get something from Bras Basah.

Another whirlwind situation.  What to do but to pray.

Thankfully H was able to come back in time to pick up the faulty shirts from the school office before they close.

Next problem : When H came back with the shirts, I removed the faulty tranfers but stains from the adhesive remained on the shirts.  And the biggest issue?  I have run out of royal blue shirts!!!!

A quick call to my supplier that gave me an initial shock:  "Oh...royal blue.  Sorry we're out of XXS and XS at the moment."

Quick!  Check the sizes that I need!  They are all in size S!  Phew!!  They were available!!

So off H went out of the house to collect these new shirts from the supplier, even though he just stepped home one hour ago.

So while he was out, I started preparing the transfers.  Thankfully by the time he came back, I had time to get them printed.

Thank God for H!  Thank God he didn't have to work today!  Thank God for His perfect timing!

Tomorrow, H has volunteered to send the three shirts to the school so that the kids will have them and wash them over the weekend before the outdoor adventure.

Another day's event, another day ends.  At the end of everything, I was totally brainxausted haha!

Thank God for seeing me through everything. Hopefully everything else in my current orders will fall nicely into place.

Thanks for visiting!  God bless!

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Wow.....I just realized my last post was almost two months ago.

Time flies when you don't keep track.

Everyday is the same activities.  Jonathan wakes up, request to listen to some Christian worship songs, then it's time for feed, and after half an hour, he would want to watch his TV game shows.

Then the whole day will be repeated activities.  I'm not bothered as long as he stays healthy.

Well...Jonathan had a sudden vomitting episode that sprang out from nowhere just 2 days ago. It's odd that it comes suddenly, he throws up from 10pm till maybe around 2am and then with all the medication we gave him, it helped him sleep till the next morning and he wakes up smiling and happy.

My friend said perhaps it's because his tummy is windy "hong".  I don't know.  I would think it's a gag reflex.  Whenever there's drainage from the nose, it irritates his throat and then he starts coughing and stimulates the gag reflex and thus causing him to throw up.  There are times we know it's the tummy that churns.  So it's rather confusing.

But for whatever reason it is that caused it, I'm always willing the time to pass by quickly so that he will get this over and done with and we can be healthy and happy again the next day.

At least I'm glad this is over.

Anyway, a bit of good news though.  We have requested for funding for Jonathan's new buggy and it has been approved!

Jonathan is so tall and his current Convaid Cruiser, a 14 inch Cordura, is already too short for him.  His legs stick out from the buggy seat and it's super uncomfortable.  He has used this for about 3 years and it's time for a change.

 See how his butt is almost sticking out of the seat.

DNR did ask us to go down and try other buggies but we have decided that since Jonathan is already used to the tilt of this Cruiser, we might as well get the same model.  Hopefully he doesn't "swim" in it width wise because Jonathan is slim. Can't wait for it to come in a month's time.  Thank you Lord for this provision when we needed it.

We shall look forward to another day.  I the meantime, hope everyone who visits my blog here is healthy and strong.

God bless!

Monday, March 23, 2015


Our first Prime Minister passed away this morning. Remembering a great leader
who made Singapore into what she is today.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Jonathan loves the flat at Jalan Batu. Ever since he was young, we always brought him there to spend time with his grandparents (daddy's) and H will bring him up and down team common corridor staircase.

Many years have passed and it's still his favourite place.

He's always wanted to go there. But because of his vomiting issues we always avoid taxi rides.

But a few days before CNY, he asked us to bring him there and so we did.  Thankfully our return home was OK and he didn't throw up.  Then on the first day of CNY, he woke up at 6am! thinking we will be bringing him there to bai nian. But this year, my Mil is staying with my sister-in-law so the house is quite. He kept asking to go and so on the 3rd day of CNY, we brought him there again.

Taxi rides there will always be filled with excitement and only daddy can carry him in the cab to calm him down LOL.

Here are some photos to enjoy.  Hope you all had a great CNY celebrations. Wishing you all a great year ahead!

First trip back before CNY

2nd trip back on 3rd day of CNY. Wanted to have breakfast at Macs or KFC kallang but was too crowded. So we walked back to Blk 6 and had our meal at the hawker center.